Paris, France, April 2, 2021

Racing 92’s official sponsor Natixis announces its support for 23 amateur rugby clubs across France that have trained young players who went on to play professionally for the renowned French rugby team. This initiative is designed to assist these amateur clubs following the effects of the Covid-19 crisis

Natixis has been Racing 92’s official sponsor since 2007 and has now also decided to provide practical support for amateur rugby clubs across France that have trained young players who went on to play professionally for the team. Natixis will accompany these clubs through the current crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and contribute to funding for coaches’ training, equipment and projects for young players in these centers.


This initiative dubbed My first try (Mon premier essai) involves 24 players from the Racing 92 team, who started out playing in 23 amateur clubs across various areas of France. Through this new project, the players pay tribute to their first clubs and coaches and share their earliest rugby memories, the values they developed on the pitch and the close ties they still maintain with their home regions.


You can find the players’ testimonials on Natixis’ social media channels, notably the two first videos from Henry Chavancy and Teddy Baubigny (in French only).


List of partner clubs:

Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt, Association Sportive Soustonnaise, Balma Olympique Rugby Club, Pic Saint Loup Ecole de Rugby, MLSGP 78 - Maisons-Laffitte, Saint Germain en Laye et Poissy 78 Rugby, Union sportive Nafarroa, Racing Nanterre Rugby, Rugby Club de Vincennes, Rugby Club Pays de Meaux, Rion Morcenx Club Rugby, Ecole Rugby Causse Corrézien, Rugby Club Maurepas Elancourt, Rugby Club Nimois, Rugby Club Vallée Montmorency Soisy, Association Amicale et Sportive de Sarcelles, Rugby Toucy Puisaye Forterre, Saint Médard en Jalles Rugby Club, Saint-Nazaire rugby Loire-Atlantique, Stade Bordelais Rugby, Terres de France Rugby, Union Sportive et Athlétique de Limoges, Union Sportive Canton de Pouyastruc, Union Sportive Renage Rives Rugby.


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