Paris, France, November 27, 2018

Natixis has unveiled its new corporate film Beyond, reflecting the company’s specific and unique features, developed in conjunction with CAPA Corporate and produced by Thibaut Castan and Julien Lejour.

Beyond embodies Natixis’ brand promise, as it seeks to go beyond traditional banking services, go that extra mile for its clients and leverage its full range of talent to support company-wide momentum.

Beyond is the story of six real Natixis staff taking on the challenge of a tough mountain ascent. The concept was created to allow Natixis’ team members to embody, in a truly authentic way, the company’s mindset on screen. The six climbers, each from a different country, represent Natixis’ international presence and the diversity of its business lines, and work as a team in a strong reflection of the company’s values and unique features.


“I am convinced that communication, today more than ever, is about authenticity and sincerity. This is basis upon which we conceived our corporate film, which allows us to express who we are through six of our colleagues from around the world” states Benoît Gausseron, Head of Communications at Natixis. 

“The businesses conducted by a large financial institution are very technical and often abstract for onlookers, so it is very difficult to reflect them visually. Yet watching Natixis’ staff take on a mountain ascent instantly and concretely embodies the company’s identity in a completely new way, while also fostering collective momentum” notes Jacques Morel, CEO of CAPA Corporate.


Beyond met with wide acclaim among Natixis’ staff, who have wholeheartedly welcomed the initiative and have developed an active community on the company’s in-house social networks.


To view the film, take a peek behind the scenes, or watch the social media clip, visit


Following the launch of the film, Natixis has also launched a digital media campaign to promote its expertise and reflect its committed client relationships.

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