Natixis supports a second cancer research team from Institut Gustave Roussy

Paris, France, April 25, 2013

As part of its sponsorship of cancer research alongside Institut Gustave Roussy, Natixis selected a second research team. Headed by Dr. Fanny Jaulin, the team is dedicated to colon cancer research.

Natixis supports Gustave Roussy’s research on personalized medicine. Specifically, Natixis will support for three years three teams that are researching the cancer proliferation mechanisms, i.e. the mechanism by which cells divide, metastasize before migrating and invading tissue. Basic research is essential to help identify the type of medication that can block the successive cell mutations and tumoral invasion.


At the end of 2012, Natixis announced its support to the team of Dr. Jean-Luc Perfettini whose team is researching cell death and senescence (aging). Today, Natixis is announcing its support to the team of Dr. Fanny Jaulin on “Epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer”. Fanny Jaulin, doctor in Immunology, was a post-doctoral fellow for 8 years at the largest cancer center in New York. For a basic researcher like Fanny Jaulin, getting the opportunity to work closely with clinicians, opened new research perspectives and made her want to join Institut Gustave Roussy. Her work concerns mainly the proliferation and migration of the epithelial cells that are the cause of 85% of all cancers. Her work could have an effect beyond the colon cancer, which in itself is a real public health issue with 44,000 new cases and 17,000 deaths every year.

To support even further Fanny Jaulin and her team, Natixis will partner the first “Roulons pour le Côlon” event on July 7, 2013.The purpose of this event organized by Institut Gustave Roussy is to collect funds for research and create awareness with the general public of the prevention of this particular cancer, which can be cured 9 times out of 10 if it is detected early.

The Institut Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France), leading European Comprehensive Cancer Centre, is a non profit academic entity belonging to the French public hospital service, that is authorized to receive donations and legacies. it is a wholly patient-oriented centre with global expertise and the mission to fight cancer. Located South of Paris on a single site, IGR employs 2 600 professionals working in care, research and teaching. Some Gustave Roussy’s figures: 353 beds and 88 places for day-cases, 220 certified physicians, 900 professional caregivers, 194 000 consultations and 46 000 patients cared for per year, 27 basic research teams, and 2800 students, researchers and physicians trained per year. Website:



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