Natixis selected the third Gustave Roussy research team in line with its sponsorship of the Institute

Paris, France, June 27, 2013

Since 2012, Natixis has been working with Gustave Roussy, a European cancer treatment center, to support the creation of three new basic research teams for a period of 3 years. The team of Dr. Mehdi Khaled is the third and last team to get the support of Natixis as part of its sponsorship. This team is researching the melanoma.

Dr. Mehdi Khaled will join Gustave Roussy in July 2013 after spending seven years at the Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA). He will head a team that will be researching “Melanoma and tumor invasion”.


The melanoma is a dreadful type of cancer because the high risk of cancer metastasis. The research project of Dr. Mehdi Khaled is to identify the genes that are responsible for the development of cancer metastasis and to identify the molecules that can block these genes by way of large scale screening. This research will lead to developing anti-metastasis treatment for the melanoma, which do not exist at this point, and to improving existing therapies.


The melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that is steadily growing. There are 9,700 new cases in France and 1,600 deaths every year. When detected at an early stage, it can be cured. But at an advanced stage, it becomes life threatening.

Understanding why and how this cancer generally metastasizes is the challenge faced by Dr. Mehdi Khaled and his research team.


The two other teams selected in line with Natixis’ sponsorship are the team of Dr. Jean-Luc Perfettini on “Cell death and senescence” related to radiotherapy - announced in December 2012 - and the team of Dr. Fanny Jaulin researching the formation and dissemination of the colon cancer metastasis - announced in April 2013.

Gustave Roussy, leading European Comprehensive Cancer Centre, is a wholly patient-oriented centre with global expertise and the mission to fight cancer. It employs in one place 2,600 professionals working in care, research and teaching.

With 20% of its budget dedicated to research, the Institute clearly demonstrates its wish to promote research as an innovation driver to benefit patients. Belonging to the French public hospital service, it is authorized to receive donations and legacies

Gustave Roussy in figures (in 2012: 353 beds and 88 places for day-cases; 46,000 patients with 12,000 new patients per year; 1 patient out of 4 takes part in a clinical trial (2,813 in 2012); 524 patients in phases I/II early trials in 2012; 31 early trials for specific organ cancers in 2011 and 450 patients underwent molecular tumor analysis; 300 clinical studies in progress. Website


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