Paris, France, May 18, 2021

Natixis Payments announces the acquisition of start-up Jackpot, extending its Benefits business and marking a major milestone in its technological development. Jackpot is a start-up founded by entrepreneur Hélène Gounot in 2017 offering a unique solution that allows Natixis Payments’ entities (Titres Cado, Le Pot Commun, Comitéo) to instantly generate digital vouchers for a wide range of brands in France.

Jackpot is a brand aggregator that enables users to convert money into giftcards in real time: users can obtain an e-giftcard to give or spend at a retailer of their choice instantaneously. This solution enhances the customer experience, as users can unconditionally and simply spend the entire e-giftcard for the exact amount depending on the purchase, without losing money.

This solution is an opportunity for brands to attract client activity and generate additional sales by providing e-giftcards in real time, even for those that do not usually offer a giftcard service. The range of functions offered by Jackpot make it unique in France, allowing for brands as well as websites and mobile apps that integrate the Jackpot API to obtain e-giftcards.

Triple the network of brands

With this addition, Natixis’ Benefits business rounds out its product range and its network of partner brands. Jackpot currently gives users the opportunity to generate e-giftcards on request with more than 100 brands in France, and the aim is to triple this number in the next 18 months and develop into the wider European market.

Enhancing the customer experience

The acquisition of this start-up demonstrates Natixis Payments’ constant commitment to providing the best customer experience via its Benefits and Advantages for Employees business, with a broad network of brands for giftcard holders to use their payment cards. Jackpot becomes the sole supplier for Natixis Payments entities offering giftcards to all available services (Comitéo’s platform for works councils, online money pot by Le Pot Commun and B2B and B2C prepaid cards by Titres Cado), while it also continues to provide its solution to companies outside Natixis, driving the development of additional business for retail partners of the Benefits division.

Stéphan Dixmier, Head of Benefits at Natixis Payments says: “This acquisition marks an acceleration in the digitalization of our giftcard solutions. Users can generate vouchers for the partner brand of their choice in real time, even with brands that do not usually offer branded giftcards. This move addresses changing usage and spending habits in France, with the growing development of omni-channel and more immediate purchases, fully aligning with Natixis Payments’ strategy.”

Hélène Gounot, founder of Jackpot, will work within Natixis Payments to develop the number of sites and mobile apps that use the Jackpot API. She states: “Jackpot was developed to simplify the provision of e-giftcards on sites and mobile apps that pay money, funds or rewards to their users, with an on-demand, digital, turnkey solution, right from display of offers through to the issue of cards. This service is a natural fit with Natixis Payments’ Benefits business.”

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